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    DTCP approved plot for sale in pudupakkam

    This property is located in a gated community Adityaram Superstar pudupakkam
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    Prop Details

    Price per sqft : 3,500
    Area : 555sqft
    Dimension: 30 X 18 sqft
    Prop type : new
    Facing : East
    Water: Ground water
    Approved by : DTCP
    Address: Adityaram Superstar,Off Kelambakkam vandalur road, Pudupakkam
    To be noted

    Adityaram Superstar is the DTCP approved gated community plots in Pudupakkam near Siruseri Sipcot in the Kelambakkam Vandalur bypass road with 10+ amenities. Ready to construct plots surrounded residential buildings is suitable for individual houses of your choice.
    Plots for sale in Chennai starting from 4 lacs
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