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    manage your properties from a distance
    One stop solution to rent , manage and sell your property.
    property management
    Our offers
    Tenant finding
    We promote your property across different medium and find the suitable tenants as early as possible.
    On time rent
    We collect the deposit and rent from the tenants and deposit it to the owners account on time every time.
    KYC Verification
    KYC verification of the tenants will be done and the tenant details will be submitted to the nearrby police station.
    On demand maintenance based on the tenants and house owners request.
    Documents work
    Periodic renewal and agreement registeration on the government portal will be taken care.
    Assistance till you sell
    We do help the owners in selling the property.
    have questions?

    No , In property listing you can list your property for free and deals with the tenants directly, we don't provide any additional services other than offering you the online space.

    Property management is the complete solution right from finding the tenant, establishing the agreements, collecting and depositing the rent and on demand maintenance.

    Yes, you can get the specific services. Service charges applicable based on the service.

    Yes, we are dealing with many NRI properties as well. You can add your property with findbhk with a valid ownership proof
    Yes , it is possible for you to list a partially locked house. For instance , if you have 2bhk flat and 1 room is locked then you can mention it as 1BHK and the monthly rent will be calculated for 1BHK only.

    Yes, you can rent out unfurnished, semi-furnished and furnished property through findbhk.

    Yes , you can have a tenant preference like bachelors only, family only or both. Based on the filter, time to find the right tenant will vary.

    As Findbhk doesn’t have direct access to the flat association/society, hence it is difficult for us to ensure timely payments for the same. Hence, we encourage owners to bear the maintenance charges and account for it while deciding the rent of the property.

    We start paying the rent once the tenant moves-in and starts paying the rent to us. We put in the collection efforts to make sure the rent is passed on to you on or before 5th of every month on a pro-rata basis.

    The contract can be cancelled by either party by giving a 1-month notice, if the house is occupied. If the house is vacant, we shall handover the keys within 10-15 working days of the request being raised.

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    Property management service is available in Chennai only at present.
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